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the woman hoped that the adventurers would stay on focus because that was the only way that hopefully some day someone would be able to open the padlock. whatever pictures the artists imagined of her, positive or negative, she didn't mind because that was part of the journey, and after all, it was her spirit and not really her that was in the top chamber. the trouble was that when someone imagined some sort of role playing interaction, and then went off on a tangent with it like when couples choose to endlessly bicker over miscommunications, then an actual creation would arise. each time that happened a "strawman" would be created, which is when a fallacy is talked about as if it's real.

the trouble was that when the adventurers were climbing the spiral staircase with the songs, a "strawman" was not just a concept defined by logic or illogic. the "strawman" actually took on a life of it's own, and in the creepy old tower a strawman became a greyish ghostly creature about the size of a porcupine but built like an insect with six legs and was able to fly around with small wings that were inadequate for navigation. the strawman creatures bumped into each other and into the staircase.

once a few of these strawman creatures had been created, the woman understood why there were spiders and their elaborate cobwebs.....eventually a strawman would land in one of the cobwebs and get recycled into wherever it came from.

that worked pretty well at first, but over the years the number of strawmen flapping around in the tower got to be pretty extreme and many of them learned to avoid the cobwebs. the woman had trouble sleeping at night because the volume of brushing, flapping, and bumping had become a constant din. the strawmen would bump into things and break off more pieces of the staircase which would go clanging down into the depths below.

the woman was able to talk directly to the universe, and her first request would always have been to be freed from the chamber and be able to frolic with the wonderful animals in the beauty of nature. she acknowledged the inevitable that she had to be where she was for the time being. she had learned that the universe did respond and interact with her, so she decided to ask for something practical. she requested that, since the number of strawman creatures had grown far beyond what the spiders and their webs could handle, she asked that some cats be allowed to live in the tower and help monitor and clean up the after effects of the songs and adventurers who created misconceptions that became reality.

yes, the universe granted her this wish and several beautiful cats were sent to help out in the tower.

to be continued.......

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