the cat buddha story

this photo shows a cat conducting an olfactory investigation of a buddha now, here is the story behind that picture.

the buddha's many disciples over the centuries have spent countless hours in meditation halls visualizing beneficial energy for the world. because each disciple sat in one spot for a very long time, not only did the concept of time dissolve around them but they also learned that they could manipulate time when they needed to.

they believed strongly in the beneficial energy they were producing for the world, and even tho centuries of history were passing by with the problematic scenarios of people all living in one ecosystem, buddha's disciples believed that one day the buddha would come back to the world, at which time the problematic scenarios would resolve into an appreciation of the world, and that every living being would experience a wonderous feeling of joy.

one day a few of the disciples had gotten wind of a rumor that the buddha was going to appear to the world in the form of a cat. thinking about the joyous world awakening they believed in, surely this was a joke that the buddha was going to be a cat. they asked the buddha about the rumor. "it's true" he said. the disciples were upset that the wonderous world awakening would just turn out to be a silly practical joke. the disciples were concerned about all the people who believed that one day something wonderful would happen.

the buddha smiled gently. "something wonderful will happen, and this is the best way. everyone will wake up to a joyous understanding of what is important for all life forms, not just for cats. the awakening is gentle and people need to pay attention. if i came back as a person, many people would just start yakking at each other about who believed what and who was closer to right and who wasn't and on and on. instead, none of that will need to be said. instead of yakking at each other they will pay attention to the world and the needs of all the life forms."

the disciples went back to their meditation halls to ponder the situation. in about 4 minutes of condensed time they had communicated the situation to the multitude of disciples thru time. all the disciples had always expected to participate in the future world awakening in a spiritual form, but with the new turn of events they realized they very much wanted to be there first hand, in bodily form, to witness the buddha as a cat. they approached buddha to ask if this would be possible.

the buddha pondered for one second of condensed time, and then said "yes, i can arrange that for everyone who wants to go, but there are some conditions that you must consider. you would need to be willing to come back as cats also. and to do this, until the time was right, you would not remember anything about buddha or world awakenings but rather you would live your lives as actual cats. there are behaviors you have already tr